Saturday! HopStop: Balafon Beats with Mamadou Diabaté

Sat, Apr 23 • 3 pm in Claremont

HopStop Family Performance

Balafon Beats with Mamadou Diabaté

Musician and composer Mamadou Diabaté shares his award-winning talents on the balafon, an instrument which resembles a xylophone with wooden sound bars that are reinforced with hollowed out gourds. Diabaté’s use of rhythm with the balafon’s unique sound creates a captivating musical experience. His music honors millennia-old West African culture and tells the stories of the Sambla people who live in 12 villages in Burkina Faso. This event is FREE, and tickets are not required.

Please note the location for this event has changed from previous advertisements. The Performance will be outside at Broad Street Park in Claremont.

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