About Us

WCCMA was founded in 2008 as the Summer Concert Series at Union Church as an organization presenting outstanding musical performers. In the fall of 2011 SCSUC official adopted the identity of the West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts and expanded to include music and arts programs. Workshops are available in a variety of disciplines, and are offered for the general public and/or youth. We are committed to improving access to the arts by offering programs with no admission charge so that no one is excluded from participating based on financial factors. Your support of WCCMA through donations at the door and at fundraisers is crucial to making all of our programs possible, including to:

  • help to establish Claremont as a center of diverse cultural activity
  • educate the community with special support for low-income students and families
  • empower youth to aspire to higher goals
  • encourage pride and involvement in the community.

WCCMA provides professional perfomances and arts education; much of it with admission by optional donation. Programs are offered for youth and the general public of all experience levels.

Nonprofit Status

The West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts is qualified as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Union Church is the fiscal agent for WCCMA, which qualifies donations as tax deductible. Space for WCCMA administration and events is generously provided by Union Church. Most events are offered in the hall or historic church on the Union Church campus. All programing is created by WCCMA with oversight from the WCCMA Advisory Board.

WCCMA Advisory Board


Melissa Richmond – WCCMA Executive Director
Marthe Dyner – Union Church Rector (fiscal oversight)
Beverly Richmond – Treasurer


Board Members

Chris Cheon
Rachel Cullen
Rhonda McFarland
Donna Montenegro
Ernest Montenegro
Geoffrey Shepherd
Judy Shepherd
Rick Simons