Opus Arts Project

The Opus Arts Project is a way for creative professionals and arts lovers to come together and promote visibility of the arts in the community. The project includes an open community group that meets monthly.

Opus Arts’ mission is to further the West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts’ (WCCMA) vision by building a network of local arts professionals, providing opportunities for art and music makers and supporters to come together, and strengthening the creative community in the greater Claremont area. The group will assist WCCMA in fulfilling the needs of the artists and musicians among us, and sharing essential skills with the next generation of arts professionals, amateurs, and patrons.

This program is continuing to grow and evolve, but has already brought outstanding visual artists and craftspeople together with the amateur creators present at WCCMA’s Local Arts Fair (a part of NH Open Doors).

Artists, craftspeople, and musicians are especially invited to attend one of our monthly pot lucks. There you can get to know other professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs, and friends of the arts. We also discuss current Opus and WCCMA projects, talk about each others’ current projects, and explore inspiring topics.

One thought on “Opus Arts Project

  1. I would like to know more about your group, so would like to know when the next meeting is.
    I am a woodworker whose first love is turning. if this fits your group.
    Thanks, Syd

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