Instruments for Inspiration begins: Trumpet needed!

Dear friends,

WCCMA is so excited to beginning our Instruments for Inspiration lending program. There are 4 students in the Claremont school district that will be receiving instruments because of our generous supporters out there like you. Three of those students will be learning an instrument for the first time, something they will remember and appreciate their whole lives.

We need your help though. Even though we have received several grants to support this program, we have not received the funding yet. We have a student that would like to begin studying the trumpet along with their classmates this Friday, but we don’t have a trumpet to lend, nor do we have the money to purchase one yet. We also have a particular need for flutes, clarinets, and saxophones because we have loaned all of ours out.

If anyone has a trumpet they would like to donate, or if you would like to make a contribution towards the purchase of a trumpet email us at: or click here for donation information. Our goal is $300 to purchase a good used instrument.

Thank you for the part you are playing in bringing joy and inspiration to local children!



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