Here Comes the Claremont Creative Center!

Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to announce that construction has begun on the Claremont Creative Center (, the soon to be new home base for WCCMA. WCCMA and the Claremont Development Authority are thrilled that this long conceptualized project is underway.

Below you can check out the pre-demolition tour recorded last weekend, and a few pictures of the last 2 days of construction. Many more big changes will happen this week – so follow us on YouTube and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest progress. We’ll post more video minis of some of the progress as things progress.

Of course we are thrilled to be at this point in the project, but our Capital Campaign is still ongoing. We still need funds for 10% of the construction, as well as all the chairs, bells and whistles (literally and figuratively)! Please consider a donation of any size to help support the project. You help bring this building to vibrant life (and wait until you see this 15th Anniversary Season!). Donate Here (processing via PayPal, but doesn’t require an account) or Here to donate via check.

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