6 Essentials for Creativity Workshop

6 Essentials for Creativity a (Free) Music Masterclass: Step far beyond the musical page to develop your creative voice with Internationally acclaimed musicians Dinuk Wijeratne and Nick Halley.

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The Bach Tree takes a new form for pandemic times and invites musicians from far and wide to connect digitally to explore the basic essentials for creativity. In this session Dinuk Wijeratne and Nick Halley will introduce you to the Bach Tree program and give you insights on ways you can approach your creative process as a musician. During this free session you’ll also learn more about the full 2020/21 program.

Your registration gives you access to:

Opening workshop and Q&A
Essentials for Creativity in Music LIVE on Dec 7, 2020 at 7pm ET
Bach Tree Meet and Greet LIVE on Thursday December 10, 2020 at 7pm ET

Recorded content from these sessions will be available until Saturday December 12th at 10pm ET for those who register

Who is this for?: Bach Tree is for curious, ingenious learners who love to think in a cross-disciplinary way and want to expand and diversify their skill set. It is best for students with a solid music foundation under their belt (Advanced High School and University level students) through professional musicians and educators. For questions contact [email protected]

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