Welcome to Digital Arts Experiences!

WCCMA is thrilled to present this new program, an adapted version of our Youth Programs with fun new additions. Let’s create and explore together from home!

Please take a moment to respond to a brief survey to help us customize upcoming programs to your interests, and don’t forget to fill out the scholarship form if you’d like free tickets to upcoming Augmented Reality concerts!

ArtEx will provide members monthly (or more!) Art Experiences featuring virtual content created by incredible artists from close to home and all over the world. The Art Experiences are curated by WCCMA Executive Director Melissa Richmond with other WCCMA artists serving as guest curators. Each Art Experience will include several short video clips featuring Music, Art, Dance, Theater, Culinary Arts, and Crafts, plus activities students can try at home. Exciting, surprising, unusual, and interesting, these bite-sized presentations will allow you to experience a little bit of everything we do at WCCMA.

Once or more per month, participants are invited to gather together virtually (or in-person when possible), to discuss the art packs (boxes full of creative fun, coming in October!) and explore the arts together. ArtEx students will have access to free and reduced concert and class tickets throughout the year.

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