Calling all Bakers (and baked goods eaters)!

The competition is beginning to get exciting as sign ups for the Dec 8th Baking Competition roll in. Some people have wondered what all the buzz is about, so here’s a helpful guide. Click HERE for the full event listing on the Calendar.

Sample free goodies: There will be samples of all the entries in the competition, that includes items from home bakers AND area restaurants. Everyone is invited to sample and vote for your favorite.

Buy scrumptious baked goods: You will be able to choose from a huge variety of cookies, as well as other baked items. Buy them by the container (starting at $2.50) or by the pound. We’ll even have some hot beverages you can enjoy on the spot.

President Abraham Lincoln! Yes, you read that right, Lincoln will be there, and he will be leading the panel of judges. You’ll have to ask him what his favorite cookie is.

Friendly competition and prizes Home bakers and professional/restaurants will be having a friendly competition to choose the best baked goods in the area. Not only will they have the chance to sample the competition (and maybe swap some recipes), they will also have a chance to win some great prizes by local businesses. We are still taking sign ups for the competition.

Send us your best bakers, and join us for this fun event! Click HERE for the full details, or email us at

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