Our Mission

The West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts’ (WCCMA) mission is to bring professional music and arts experiences, diverse musicians, and educational opportunity to the underserved and low-income community of Claremont NH, and wider region. We are committed to offering performances and workshops without charge, enabling everyone in the community to access the arts and their benefits.

Our Vision is:

  • To encourage community-wide value of and demand for outstanding musicians, artists, and performances.
  • To encourage creation and sustainable growth of a culturally rich community.
  • To enrich the lives of youth by offering access to enrichment activities for youth.
  • To engage the community in enjoyment of and curiosity for arts beyond pop culture.
  • To foster passion and confidence in youth that encourages higher and greater academic, social and spiritual excellence.

Our Values:

Passion: We present passion through our performances, artists, and educators in order to evoke passion in our students and patrons.

Community: We strengthen, engage, and bring together the community of Claremont and beyond.

Excellence: We present all things using a standard of excellence that offers the community the quality of programming they deserve.

Access: We provide access to the arts for all regardless of situation through an emphasis on no-cost programs.

Confidence: We offer programming that empowers everyone, especially youth, to find confidence in their abilities through education.

Diversity: We offer musicians and artists, as well as performances and education experiences, that represent and educate on a diversity of cultures, genres, disciplines, and situations.