Community input, share your (arts) vision for Claremont!

The City of Claremont Master Plan Committee is hard at work revising the current master plan for the City. While the master plan covers a huge variety of topics in the life of the City, many don’t realize that there’s actually already a section on the arts in the community that will also be revised. Please take a few moments to share your vision for Claremont in this official survey (it is open to residents as well as people who spend substantial time in Claremont, like those who work here). Depending on how much information you’d like to share it should take on average about 10-15 minutes, and data is kept anonymous. Here is the link:

WCCMA’s Executive Director Melissa Richmond is a member of this committee, and is looking forward to helping incorporate your general and arts ideas into this plan! Thank you for taking the time to participate.

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