Taiko anyone? And Fair updates!

2nd Annual Local Arts Fair – Please plan your route!

***UPDATED – the Bridge is OPEN****

Nov 3, 10-2pm
Nov 4, 11-3pm

It looks like the Coy Paper Bridge (at Plains Rd and Lower Main St) **IS** open in time for this event. Please be aware that this main entrance to Old Church Rd will not be open, and the detour set up will take you far out of your way. You can also take Main St to Twistback Rd and connect to Old Church Rd, or take Maple Ave to Plains Rd, and bear right onto Old Church Rd. We plan to have signs up that say “NH Open Doors ->” but don’t hesitate to call if you need help planning your route: 802.738.0022

Click HERE for info about this event

(Country Rag Rugs, one of 18 vendors as the 2nd Annual Local Arts Fair)

Taiko anyone?

Stuart Paton of Burlington Taiko Group will be available to do a workshop on November 9th. If you would be interested in participating please contact melissa@wcc-ma.org. The program would be by donation, and held in West Claremont in the Union Church Hall. We must meet a minimum number of participants in order to hold this workshop, so make sure to email us if you are interested!

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